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Our Story

GiftsWithHope.com was founded in 2007 by a former nurse working in the healthcare industry. Based in New England, we were surrounded by some of the best medical professionals in the country, as well as the patients who traveled long distances to be treated by them.

We witnessed incredible courage, compassion, and resilience every day. And we were humbled and inspired by the amazing ways patients, caregivers, and providers all rose up to meet unspeakable challenges.

We wanted to do more to recognize it — and so GiftsWithHope.com was born.

Core Values


To truly support one another, we have to be willing to acknowledge and understand other perspectives, emotions, and lived experiences. Especially when it feels hard.


Even when we’re confronted by challenges and hardship, we can face them head on with the right support and resources. Strength can come from many places.


We are all in this life together, and no one should have to go through hard times alone. Lifting up one person lifts up us all and can change someones life.

With our online marketplace, GiftsWithHope.com now reaches customers across the United States, spreading the message of hope far and wide. 

Hold onto hope!

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